2016: Additional Offerings                                 

Our Learning & Coaching Philosophy:

We amplify strengths in a state of readiness

Our research affirms that training and coaching participants soak in vital lessons in a State of Readiness. Readiness is typically enhanced when laughing, during strong facilitation, when breaking bread (eating together), and while engaged in group problem solving. Sound Predictions works to prepare and target every learning-style in group and one-on-one settings. According to evaluations and results, we're successfully reaching our audience.

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Dimension One: Team Health, Safety, & Wellness

Respect - 2016 Harassment Prevention (powerful - 5 Stars)
Overcoming Workplace Negativity (5 Stars)
Critical Incident Stress Management (5 Stars)
Workplace Resilience - Moving Beyond the "Program" (5 Stars)
Injury Analysis & Prevention (Profiles in Safety) (5 Stars)

Pre-Employment Integrity Testing & Analysis
Pre-Employment Candidate Screening (Tools & Techniques)
Fraud, Identity Theft & Vulnerability Reduction
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Employee Intervention (Addiction, Anger, other Barriers)

 Dimension Two: Performance Coaching, Counseling, & Training

Dealing with Difficult People, Projects & Clients (high energy)         Innovations in Time & Stress Resilience (5 stars)
Problem-Based Learning (Coaching Skills: Train-the-Trainer) (5 Stars)
Creating a Culture of Solutions (cultural change- 5 stars)

Employer - Employee Mediation
Leader as Teacher & Mentor
Effective Field Coaching & Motivation
Effective Goal Setting & Performance Management 

Dimension Three: Influence, Leadership & Profitability

Leadership & Influence at Every Level (5 stars)                                   Powerful Presentions ~ Authentic Communication = Results (5 stars)
Multi-Generational Leadership ~ Integrating NewGen (5 stars)
Conducting Effective Meetings (5 stars)                                                  Dealing with Difficult People, Projects & Clients (5 stars)

Problem Solving / Leading Strategies - HR Update 2016
Title VII Impacts – Labor Relations & HR Investigations
Developing & Managing Values-based Work Teams
Effective Performance Appraisals

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