2018: Additional Offerings                                 

Learning & Coaching Factoid:

We amplify strengths in a state of readiness

Our research affirms that training and coaching participants soak in vital lessons in a State of Readiness. Readiness is typically enhanced when laughing, during strong facilitation, and when breaking bread (eating and laughing together).

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Dimension One: Team Health, Safety, & Wellness

Respect - 2018 Harassment Prevention 
Capacity: Stress/Time Management & Resilience 
Workplace Violence Reduction

Purely Predictable: Profiles in Violence & Injury (Instructor Development Series)

Pre-Employment Integrity Testing & Analysis
Pre-Employment Candidate Screening (Tools & Techniques)
Fraud, Identity Theft & Vulnerability Reduction
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Employee Intervention (Addiction, Anger, other Barriers)

 Dimension Two: Performance Coaching, Counseling, & Training

Problem-Based Learning (Instructor Train-the-Trainer) 
Creating a Culture of Solutions (Cultural Change)

Employer - Employee Mediation
Leader as Teacher & Mentor
Effective Field Coaching & Motivation
Effective Goal Setting & Performance Management 

Dimension Three: Influence, Leadership & Profitability

Leadership & Influence at Every Level                                    Authentic Communication & Rapid Results
Multi-Generational Leadership ~ Integration 2018 
Conducting Effective Meetings                            

Problem Solving / Leading Strategies - HR Update 2018
Title VII Impacts – Labor Relations & HR Investigations
Developing & Managing Values-based Work Teams
Effective Performance Appraisals

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