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Respect-Refresher (Live Nominal Group / Not Computer-Based):  According to our employees, harassment  or respect-refresher training is too legalistic and academic. Positive evaluations of our 2018 session affirms our employees want performance-based training without obsessing on penalties, courtroom drama, and lawsuits. Employees understand the importance of respect and they appreciate an effective dose of reality, scenario-based training, and candid interaction.

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Leadership At Every Level: Team-training remains the most effective tool in rallying the skills and energy of our leaders, managers, and valued employees. We all desire high morale and authentic communication; however, this session focuses on the conversations that get it done. Give us a few hours and we will motivate the team, discuss, new traditions, and refresh the energy to improve the skills supporting your brand. 

Increasing Team Effectiveness: This unconventional employee session highlights the unstoppable power of individual responsibility, engagement and influence. Participants learn to enhance high morale, rapid problem solving, and individually increase human effectiveness. Customized to your needs, we WILL kick-start the team's responsibility to each other first - CEO to entry-level employee! Then, we continue with a guaranteed boost in energy and responsibility for peak performance.

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Workplace Violence Reduction                                          Awareness, Prediction & Prevention

Workplace violence is 100% preventable through awareness; however, one act of violence may wipe out confidence and profit. This session presents tangible solutions in predicting and reducing the risk of workplace violence by arming employees with knowledge. The session captures the clues and pre-attack warnings frequently missed by employees. The team is left with powerful tools of prediction, communication and prevention.  

"Marcus and his co-facilitators have an amazing gift for teaching and leadership; a style that includes consistent, compassionate and reliable delivery. They create a safe environment for all participants and drive home results and solutions within our reach."

                                                              ~ Ashley DiMaggio, Zymogenetics


Dealing with Difficult People, Projects, & Clients

This session creates relational problem solvers; peak performers moving beyond the personalities into healthy and effective interaction. The session offers new tactics in addressing intense and often harsh human interactions impacting our project teams and the bottom-line. Participants examine common triggers, miscommunication and the early warning signs of the eroding business relationship. This facilitative session examines the stages of developing tension and how to resolve conflicts at any stage.

Launching New Teams and Partnerships

Integrating new teams, clients, and leaders is usually difficult. This half-day partnering session is designed to accelerate the mobilization of newly formed teams, teams under new leadership, and teams recovering from substantial employee turnover. The session leverages old experience and new ideas - the positive tone needed for a solutions-based team. We create the energy and a template for problem solving, accelerated launch time, and smooth project delivery. This “working session” addresses powerful solutions and provides suggestions leading to seamless teaming, onboarding, problem solving, and communication.  

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