High Energy Keynotes & Retreat Presentations

All keynotes are customized to your needs or follow several themes. We guarantee an informative, high-energy, humorous and persuasive delivery; perfect for retreats, annual meetings, or other vital occasions. 


Motivational Keynotes: Thought-Starters 

Engagement: The Missing Element! 

The Missing Element creates introspection, packages our harried lives, and shares the common traits of authentic engagement; creating a positive bounce toward high morale and profitability. This is an awesome keynote for those who need fresh perspective, new energy, and a reminder related to individual influence and a specific strategy for success.

Powerful Partnerships:

Powerful Partnerships motivates the audience to harness the unstoppable power of problem-solving, engagement, and unconventional partnerships. This presentation accelerates a unique design; emphasizing the use of complementary alliances in the acquisition of work, profitability, and in maximizing the team and relationship. This is a great session for those needing a re-charge!

Boomerang Law:

Law of the Boomerang is a powerful story of Aboriginal lore applied to today's business environment. Boomerang Law is a colorful, life-changing keynote that may redirect and hone individual motive and action. Participants will experience the spirit of 'rang law during a fun, historical look at the early development of intention, influence, service and change. This warm story increases awareness and motivates careful consideration of our thoughts, words and actions.

Masters at Every Level: 

Every Level Leadership allows your team to power their way to maximizing influence, responsibility, and personal muscle at every level of the organization. This presentation is high-risk as dangerous levels of laughter and tears are quite common. This keynote is appropriate for all levels; CEO to Summer Intern.

Solid & Selfless Service: 

Selfless Service challenges the audience to wake up a time-honored skill! This universal law has been working miracles since time began, yet has been lost in tough times! This full-contact keynote hammers home the message with examples, success stories, and other amusing truths about wage-free service. Participants will be engaged and they often gain fresh perspective and ideas regarding heart-level service!

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